Wrongness Leads to Growth

Why is it that being wrong is considered a bad thing? As if being wrong means you are dumb and uneducated. Even the smallest things make people so defensive when they are wrong. It is amazing the relationships that are ruined because once cannot accept that they were wrong. But being wrong really isn’t as […]

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Guest Post: Wrong on Purpose?

Today’s post is going to be a little different. Today I am posting a piece of writing from my husband Miguel. Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comment or on my Facebook page. Why are we always wrong? Do we make decisions and act out purposely, knowing outcomes? Outcomes that put us into positions […]

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Note to Self: I Forgive You

If you follow my Facebook, you may have noticed the post yesterday about forgiveness. I mentioned how you don’t have to forgive like everyone says to live a healthy happy life. I also mentioned that acceptance of the things you cannot change and allowing yourself to move on is basically a way of forgiving yourself, […]

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Let Me Be Selfish

I am a 29 year old mother of two and I want so bad to be selfish. I mean, I am selfish in a way. Sometimes I don’t want to share my snacks with my kids and they know they can’t have my snacks. Yes, they get upset that I won’t share but I tell […]

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Stop Sucking

In the last post, I touched on self consciousness and how societal standards can contribute to that. In this post, I wanted to touch on a subject that you all have probably been seeing a whole lot of lately. STRAWS, yes STRAWS! But let’s not just stop there, let’s talk about how plastic is like […]

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Who is The PR Environmentalist?

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me here at The PR Environmentalist! My name is Andrea Diaz, I am Puerto Rican and I am based in Massachusetts. I am married and have two children. While the PR in my name is meant to represent “PUERTO RICAN” it also represents public relations. I started this […]

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