Our October Calendar

This blog post is in honor of Halloween! My husband and I have always been basically criticized for being “too young” to have children. I was twenty-one and my husband was twenty-five when our first child was born. Man did we get all the criticism. Nonetheless, we are awesome, fun, strict when we need to […]

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This is who I want to work for Who I want to be Who I want to represent A Latina thats been thru it all The struggles, the pain Yet, smiles and laughs at every fall There’s nothing holding me back but the dark thoughts in my head No one supports me, no one loves […]

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The Brainwashed Society

My world has been rocked today. Not in a good way, not in a sexy way but in a sad, eye opening way. I woke up in my feelings and on my way to the post office in JP, I saw a man. Long hair in locks that were becoming one. A beard and mustache […]

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